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We've Gone Live!

It's been a labor of love to get these images ready to put online. A lot of hard work and hours in front of the computer creating these paintings. These are some of my all time favorite cars for one reason or another. Either I have owned one or a friend has, or it was on a TV show or movie and I fell in love with the styling. Over the next few months I will be adding new cars to the site some will be obvious choices, others may surprise you, but there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Take a nostalgic ride back in time with me as I go through the last 50 - 60 years of classic cars and remember the days of chrome shining in the sun, convertible tops, pony cars and driving on a Sunday just to drive and feel the wind in your hair. Oh.... and if you would like to buy one of my prints... That's okay too!

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