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  • How are these images created?
    Each image is created using Adobe Illustrator, a vector based illustration program.
  • What is the image printed on?
    We use archival satin finish photo paper in a roll format. Each image is printed on an Epson 8000 SureColor printer using 8 color printing. The image is hand trimmed using standard photographers equiptment.
  • Can I get a custom image of my car done for me?
    Yes! You can! We would need a high resolution .jpg file of the car emailed to us. Please have the image taken after washed, waxed and detailed. If able, have a professional photographer take the image. If not, make sure that you are not standing too far away. Have the car on a concrete surface with no clutter around the car to show in reflections. Make sure the whole car is in the frame and try to keep the camera about 2 to 3 feet off the ground for more dramatic images. You will be contacted after we receive the image via e-mail. Most reproductions take a week or more to complete and the price is determained by the amount of work going into the illustration. Typically it takes 10-12 hours per job at a rate of $50 per hour.
  • Do you sell your images at car shows?
    Currently we have been hitting local car shows in the Sarasota-Manatee County areas. We have a table at the SRQ Caffeine & Gasoline shows every last Saturday of the month.
  • Where else online can I find you?
    I post these images to my Dribbble page I post to my Facebook page I post to my Instagram page
  • Do you do other illustrations besides cars?
    Yes as a matter of fact, I do. I don't have examples of them on this site as it is dedicated to classic cars, but if you visit my other site,, you can find examples under the "my work" section.
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