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Starting a new series

So my daughter pleaded with me to do an illustration of her favorite TV car and after some hemming and hawing, I relented. Mainly because it was a 4 door version of a really cool car and I would rather do coupes. Also there were after market rims on it and I would rather have the car look stock. So...... I did it! I illustrated the Chevy Impala from the TV show Supernatural. And so began a new series of cars based on TV and movies. So not to have just one.... I did my favorite movie car. James Bond's Aston Martin DB5..... and the requests just kept coming in on social media, Do Mad Max's car...... Starsky & Hutch's Ford Torino, Kitt from Knight Rider...... Hold on a second people. I am not doing these for the hell of it. I am doing these as portfolio pieces and maybe I can make a little cash, So if you really want me to do your favorite movie car, remember these take about 10 hours of my time to create. So a little cash would be nice


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