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Sometimes life happens!

Sometimes life happens and what you want to do gets put on the back burner. Sometimes things happen that are unexpected and your hobby is the first to suffer for the good of the family.

Back in 1988 I bought this 1972 Buick GS in Cleveland. Original California car that was traded in to a dealership. I paid $2500 for it and drove the hell out of it. Was in an accident in 1989 and it sat for 6 months at the body shop, while they did little to it. I found a new front end and cut the old one off of it and placed the new one on. They used tons of Bondo instead of cutting the rust out and welding new metal and many other unsavory things. I finally just went and got it and drove it the way it was for another year until a friend helped me paint it in his barn. When I moved to Florida, it came with me. A year later, an engine rebuild then the Florida salt air went to work on the rusted areas that the Bondo covered and it all went to hell. Took it to a friends body shop and we worked on the front, making it nice. Never getting to the rear of the car. Then it started having electrical problems.... and it sat in my garage for 8 years, until my family moved into a new house and then it sat for 15 more years. A number of years ago, I started tinkering with it again. I replaced the whole interior, carpet, door panels, seat covers, headliner, and even rewired from the dash to the rear end. I replaced the floor boards in the trunk, removed the rear axle and sandblasted it and repainted it replacing all the brakes and lines. New coil springs, shocks and bushings. Rewired the engine compartment, went to start it and the engine was frozen. Started pulling it apart as I figured as it was going to need a rebuild, I might as well paint it to look like it was supposed to...... AND the money ran out. Life happened! and it has sat in the same position with the engine half way apart up on stands in my garage for 5 years! UGGG. I see it every time I have to get in there for my tools, or open the door to get the mower out and I think to myself, SOMEDAY! The problem is that someday, keeps getting farther and farther away. I am now on the other side of 50 and day will come when I just can't do it any more. My wife keeps bugging me to sell it and if I had to I would, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

I would think of it as a failure. I just keep hearing in my head, don't give up! So I won't... #nevergiveup, #my72gs, #projectcar

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