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Gearing up for my first car show!

It's not a huge show and it's only for a couple hours in the morning, but it's a start!

I remember going to swap meets back in the 1980s looking for parts for my Firebird and then my GS. They were always muddy, rainy events in Eastern Ohio, with piles upon piles of miscellaneous car parts and memorabilia. Occasionally you would stumble upon a guy selling posters or artwork of cars, but mainly it was bumpers, fenders, hoods, interior pieces and that one guy who had every owner's manual from every year make and model of car. How did he get those? Did he raid glove boxes at junk yards on a regular basis? It was weird. Some of the stuff I would see at these meets was strange. The guy who sold sharks teeth jewelry on a stand that mainly sold car parts.... I take it the guy tried his luck at a beach stand trying to sell that stuff and just took it with him to every show trying to make his money back.

Those shows were an eclectic mix of people as well. You had the racing guys, the older man who just loved his 1940 Ford and wanted to show it off, the kid who just needed a bumper for his 1976 Camaro and people who were there just for the show. I always found it a bit depressing walking through the rows of perfect cars with their gleaming chrome and spotless engines. Sure I wanted that for my car, but their owners had disposable income and I didn't. I knew it was a bit unrealistic for me. I was happy just to find a center console for my 67 Firebird in black for under $50.

I do miss those days of wandering the muddy fields for that find. Maybe some day I will do it again, but for now, I will set up my banner stand, table and prints and try to make a sale. After all, who wouldn't want artwork that showed what your car was supposed to look like.


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