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1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 - Framed 18x24 Print

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 - Framed 18x24 Print

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1970 Mustangs were considered the standard in the muscle car market. They were well made and carefully planned. So why were they also the lowest selling Mustang of the first generation? Simply because the market had grown too big. Mustang sales were cannibalized by an overabundance of muscle car models produced by nearly every car manufacturer in America. Though muscle cars, in general, were a huge hit, there was not enough overall demand for Ford to succeed in the 1970 market. While this meant poor sales for Ford through out 1970, this means a high market price today for these rare 1970 models. For example, in 1970 the Mustang Boss 429 was being offered to the general public for around $4000. Today that same car can go for upwards of $250,000. Yes, the 1970 Mustang is the most valuable first generation Mustang to date!


The 1970 Boss 302 had unique side stripes which started across the top of the hood. The headlights were moved to conform with the grille, and reduced to two rather than four. Functionally, the dual exhaust system was redesigned as well as the competition suspension and the 1970 302 now came with a Hurst shifter. The intake valves were smaller and the chrome was replaced with aluminum.

A little over 7,000 of these Boss 302 models were sold.

Custom Color
  • Framed 18x24 Giclee

    A framed, enhanced poster whose museum-quality giclée Epson matte paper gives the design a polished look. What's more, it's already framed, and ready to adorn any room you wish.


    • Alder, semi-hardwood frame from renewable forests
    • .75” thick frame
    • Acrylite front protector
    • Lightweight
    • Hanging hardware included
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