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My first muscle car.

Not the exact car but right color

I bought this car in 1986 for $300 and it sat in my parents driveway corner for years under a car cover and on jack-stands, (not unlike the movie Better Off Dead.) Unfortunately, I never did finish it as life got in the way and I moved to Florida in the summer of 1990. In some ways I wish I still had it.

With that car, I learned how engines worked, and rebuilt the 400 that was in it. I learned how to do body work and redoing interiors, taking things apart and putting them back together again. I put a new convertible top on by myself. I spent hours learning the wiring diagram and rewiring the car. Sometimes I would go out there at night and just sit in it and have a smoke when the Cleveland winters were cold. I would dream about driving the car all over town and going on road trips in it. Those things never did happen, but it did help me learn and to keep me out of trouble when I was a teen.

I miss that car!

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